Building innovatively on Bonaire

Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire accomplishes large building projects of hotels, commercial and industrial buildings, road constructions and hydraulic works. Solid and lasting products are delivered due to the combination of innovative techniques, knowledge of the local environment and extensive experience.

One of the market leaders

Thanks to the intense cooperation with sister company Curcon, Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire is one of the market leaders for large building constructions on Bonaire. Curcon is a contracting firm on CuraƧao, and well known for her appealing building constructions on that island. Curcon and Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire benefit from each others knowledge and skills. That way a great variety of building products can be offered.

Turnkey projects

Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire is unique for her capabilities to successfully perform various sorts of building activities. It allows her to offer turnkey contracts. A good example is the Jamos Apartments in Kralendijk. Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire not only built the foundation and concrete structures, but also delivered the inside finishing and outside ground organization.

Building innovatively

Bouwmaatschappij constructs quickly, affordable and smart. Utilizing a reusable formwork system concrete walls, floors and beams with a smooth surface can be constructed in a short time span. Part of the personnel is educated in Europe, others are trained locally. Together they form a strong and innovative construction team.