Over half a century experience, a professional approach and an efficient organization. These qualifications are applicable for Bouwbedrijf Bonaire; a building company that has earned her excellent reputation justly.

Building Contractor

Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire has over 50 years experience as building contractor on Bonaire. At the beginning of this century business went slow, until Mr. Peelen took over the company in 2007. Since then many large building projects have been accomplished.

Organization plan

More than 50 employees form the workforce of Bouwbedrijf Bonaire. They are regarded as the core of the organization. In addition regular subcontractors that have proven to be reliable partners are valued for their contributions.

Working method

The professional approach, the innovative techniques and knowledge of the situation on Bonaire characterize the working method of Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire. The correlation with the sister companies results in high quality, timely delivery, reliable partner and satisfied customers.