working method

Professional, quick, capable and innovative; these qualifications are applicable for the working method of Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire. Existing customers are satisfied with the quality of the delivered products and the reliability of the organization.

Local knowledge

For many decades Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire has been building on Bonaire. All gained knowledge and experience from those many years contribute to the successes these days. This not only counts for technical aspects, but for legal issues specific for Bonaire as well. The company cooperates with regular contractors that are all familiar with the characteristic circumstances on the island.

Innovative techniques

Construction time is greatly reduced by utilizing a smart formwork system. Time is saved in two ways. First the reusable formwork can be set up rapidly by the experienced employees. Second the concrete walls, floors and beams are produced with smooth surfaces and hardly need any additional finishing. Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire mostly works with formworks of Meva Schaltungs-systeme from Germany.

Sister companies

Sister company Curcon has accomplished many large building projects in the region since 1988. Bouwmaatschappij Bonaire also benefits from the specific skills of Meva Formworks Caribbean, Piling and Foundation Caribbean, and Boorbedrijf Caribbean.